Voronet Monastery

In 1488, the ruler Stephan the Great built Voronet Monastery at the advice of Daniil Sihastrul, its trustful adviser. It was built in less then four months, between May 26 and September 14 of the same year. […]

Sucevita Monastery

Situated in the village with the same name, on the valley of Sucevita brook, at a distance of 18km South-West from Radauti town, Sucevita Monastery was built in the last decades of the 16th century, on the […]

Putna Monastery

First and one of the most important creations of the vaivode Stephan the Great, Putna Monastery with the titular day ,,Adormirea Maicii Domnului (The Assumption of Mary)” (celebrated on August 15), was built between the years 1466 […]

Minor Basilica of Cacica

In 1810 the first wooden church was built with titular saint “Adormirea Maicii Domnului”; the construction work for a new sanctuary began in 1903 and ended in 1904. In 1997 the church was declared national […]