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Putna Monastery


First and one of the most important creations of the vaivode Stephan the Great, Putna Monastery with the titular day ,,Adormirea Maicii Domnului (The Assumption of Mary)” (celebrated on August 15), was built between the years 1466 and 1481.

In time, Putna Monastery passed through numerous tryouts: foreign attacks and occupations, fires and earthquakes, but they did not succeeded in interrupting the evolution of the religious life.

One of the most important gold of the church is the miracle-making icon of God’s Mother, brought in the year 1472 from Constantinople by Lady Maria de Mangop – Stephan the Great’s wife.

Putna monastery remains for more than 5 centuries an important spiritual, historical and cultural component of the world in the history. Due to its founder’s name, Putna Monastery is well known not only in the country, but also in the whole Europe, Stephan the Great being known under the name of Christianity athlete.