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Minor Basilica of Cacica

In 1810 the first wooden church was built with titular saint “Adormirea Maicii Domnului”; the construction work for a new sanctuary began in 1903 and ended in 1904. In 1997 the church was declared national Sanctuary, and in 2000 Pope John Paul II made it Basilica Minor. Built in neo-gothic style after the project of the architect Teodor Marian Talowski, the raw brick church impresses by the tower’s dimensions (50m in height) and by numerous stone decorations. From the architectural point of view, the church is original by its 5 stained glass windows of the presbytery and the huge lateral windows of colour glass of the transversal aisles.

A miraculous item held in the church, even in the central altar, is the copy of the icon from Czestochowa which represents the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms. It is said that the original of this icon was executed by the Daniel Old man of 70 years old, for a writer who, praying in front of this icon, got well in a mysterious way.