Historical Monuments


Suceava Fortress

Suceava fortress was documentary attested on February 11,1388, being built between 1375-1391, during the reign of Petru I. Alexandru cel Bun (1400 – 1432) got involved in the defensive system of the fortress by reinforcing, with […]

Suceava Lordly Court

Suceava Lordly Court was built during 14th – 15th centuries. During the reign of Petru 1 Musat, a wood house and a stone tower have been built here. Alexandra cel Bun added new constructions, but they […]

The Scheia Fortress

The Scheia fortress, built at the end of the 14th century is less known to the wide public, perhaps because it collapsed even before the construction was finished. Also known under the name of the Suceava […]