Suceava Lordly Court
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Suceava Fortress

Suceava fortress was documentary attested on February 11,1388, being built between 1375-1391, during the reign of Petru I.

Alexandru cel Bun (1400 – 1432) got involved in the defensive system of the fortress by reinforcing, with a defensive wall, the first entrance situated on the Southern side of the fort. Stephan the Great (1457-1507) considered that Suceava fortress is not enough reinforced in order to resist the offensive attacks of the enemies and built an inner wall which surrounded the fort. Today we can find the interiors of the fortress partially restored in order to help the visitor make an idea on the way of life during that time. From the inner court paved with rocks, different rooms can be seen: the chapel, the prison, the steam bath, the cellar, etc.