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Cacica Salt-Mine

Hidden between the hills nearby the town of Gura Humorului, Cacica is one of the most visited places in Suceava county. The salt-mine has been dug manually under the technical guidance of an Austrian, Paul Hofmann. The giant salt mountain in Cacica can provide enough salt for the entire Europe for the next 400 years!

The name of “Cacica” has its origins in the polish “kaczika”, meaning “duck”, because there used to be many lakes with wild ducks in the region.

The main tourist attractions are:

  • The old salt mine, where one can see the roman-catholic chapel “Saint Barbara”, the salt-lake and the ball-room;
  • The roman-catholic sanctuary of Cacica;
  • The old wooden-church of Humor Monastery, situated in the village of Partestii de Sus;

Accessibility: 18 km from the town of Gura Humorului and 40 km from the town of Suceava.