Bucovina Geological reservations
Bucovina forest reservations
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The Bucovina botanical reservations

  • The Secular grass-lands floristic reservations of Bosanci-Frumoasa is preserving a complex vegetation, of swamp dry and moist steppe. Numerous plants from Asia, never seen in other parts of Europe, grow here.
  • “Poiana Stampei” floristic reservation situated at 18 km South-East from Vatra Dornei, represents a complex of oligotrophic swamps developed on the layouts and the Dorna river meadow. Here, tourists can see a carnivorous plant, a natural monument, called ,,Sundew”. The clay found here is known for its curing effects.
  • The ,,Mountain grass lands on Todirescu land” is a reservation of rare species: Siberian garlic, svertia, gentian, and arnica. The access in the reservation is made by the connecting path from Slatioara village to Rarau lodge or from Rarau lodge, on a ridge road that takes to Slatioara.
  • The ,,Ponoare secular grass-lands ” situated in Suceva Plateau, next to Cumparatura village, at the West side of Suceava valley, on Strambu hill, is a botanical reservation whose relief is covered by a crio-thermal hill vegetation with mezzo-thermal elements with a special aesthetic and historical value, representing different climatic and constitution stages of the present flora. The wood vegetation is dominated by spruce and pine, and the flora is extremely rich. Other botanical reservations: Secular grass-lands in Calafmdesti, Rachitisul Mare, The oligotrophic swamp Gaina Lucina.