The Bucovina botanical reservations
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Bucovina forest reservations

  • The Juniper and Swiss Pine reservation in Calimani mountains is a reservation situated under Raţiţis peak, being at the same time the departure point for the Neagra Sarului valley. Here we can find a natural brush which presents a combination of spruce and Swiss pine, and at the superior limit of the forest the Juniper appears.
  • Slatioara secular high forest – a reservation situated on the Eastern slope of Rarau massif-harbors, on a surface of 1064ha, a fragment of secular high forest, untouched by the civilization. The trees that make this reservation are among the oldest in Romania and even in Europe, one of them reaching the age of 350-400 years. The main species are the spruce, fir tree and beech. The natural monuments met in the ,,Slatioara secular high forest” are: the yew, the rock mouse ear, the spurge olive and the fresh water red algae. Here, five new species of butterflies, but also the unique endemic species, the Carabus rarauense have been discovered.
  • Sarul Dornei oligotrophic swamp is a reservation situated in Dornelor depression, at the South of Vatra Dornei, on Neagra Sarului valley, being a natural reservation for habitat management, of botanical reservation type, oligotrophic swamp. It is a recently formed peatery, unaffected by humans, the peat layer reaching 1,10-1,20m.
  • The Dragomirna Beachwood is a reservation where the wood vegetation is formed by spruce and trees with ages of 110-130 years old.
  • Poiana Stampei oligotrophic swamp is a forest reservation where we discover Siberian -type ,,tundra”. Nowadays, the predominant wood species is sylvan pine together with downy birch and some hybrids. Other forest reservations: Zamostea forest, Giumalau Secular High Forest, Crujana Forest.