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Mixed reservations

The mixed reservation “Pietrele Doamnei” situated at 14 km from Campulung Moldovenesc, in the middle of the beautiful landscapes of Rarau, it rises spectacular and enigmatic, as real ,,gothic towers”, made of alpine limestone. The strange forms of the rocks bathed these places in the mysterious steam of the legends. Of 70m in height, Pietrele Doamnei is situated at 1634m altitude, at a small distance from Rarau chalet. Along with the surrounding area it forms a complex reservation (890ha) which attracts numerous nature admirers each year.

Bistritei Valley and Quays – having the sources in Rodnei Mountains, this jewel of the Romanian Carpathians forms a truly picturesque valley through rocks wilderness. In the entire mountain area we can notice the most impressive sector, through the valley narrowness (from 150m to 20m), as through the depth of the valley compared to surrounding mountains (from 900m to over 1100m compared to Giumalau or Rarau Mountains). This narrow sector called ,,Zugrenilor Quays” (or Bistritei Quays) is situated at 20km distance from Vatra Dornei on Bistritei River, at an altitude of 740m from the water surface and forms a geological-geomorphic reservation (160ha). Nature’s spectacle (rocks with strange forms, the battle of the water ,,symphony” with rocks hardness) justifies the numerous legends regarding the old logs road. The reservation flora is specific to rocks; here we can find the lion’s foot (leonotpodium alpirurn) in the lowest natural resort in Moldavia. The wood vegetation is represented by spruce, mountain sycamore maple, mountain elm, linden, trembling poplar, rowan and birch. The superior Moldavia valley longitudinally crosses Obcinile Bucovinei. From Breaza the river takes the quay aspect.