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Bucovina road

Public roads ensure the connection between all county’s cities, as well as with neighbouring counties. The most important is the E85 European road– Bucharest – Bacau – Suceava – Cernauti (Ukraine), which crosses the county in the north-south direction. The total length of the public roads is of 2330km, the length of national roads being of 433km, county roads of 1037km and communal roads of 809 km.

Railroad system has a length of 450km, of which 203 km electrified. The county is crossed by the European main railroad Bucuresti – Bacau – Suceava – Vicsani – Moscova. Suceava County has an airport, situated near the Suceava city, at a 12km distance and five heliports (Putna, Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet, Floreni), which provide the permanent connection to the rest of Romania and other countries, as well as landing services for other airplanes from the country or abroad.