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Flora and Fauna

Lovely traditional woodend house with lovely flours - Maramures - Romania

Flora and fauna confer Suceava County a unique beauty and attractiveness. Most of the vegetation is made of the forests which occupy over 52% of the county surface and over 7% of the Romania’s complete forestry potential. In their composition, 79,4% is represented by coniferous trees and 20,6% by broad-leaved trees. Broad-leaved forests include beech, oak, hornbeam, ash, linden, birch trees and a great variety of brush. There is also a mixture of popular, sycamore maple, sorb, hag berry tree, rowan and rarely yew tree. Among shrubberies we mention raspberry tree, blueberry tree, hawthorn and cranberry tree. There are also a few protected trees: the Oak tree from Cajvana (500 years), the Oak tree from Botosana (350 years), the Elm trees from Campulung Moldovenesc (500 years).

Bukovina Mountains shelter numerous rare flora species: sweet pea (Calimani mountains), edelweiss (Rarau, Calimani}, snow rose (Calimani, Suhard), lady’s slipper, black burdock, mountain avens (Rarau-Giumalau) etc.

Suceava territory is the home of more than 20 natural reservations: floristic reservations (secular grass lands in Frumoasa, Ponoare, Calafindesti, mountain grass lands on Todirescu), forest reservations (secular high forest in Slatioara, secular forests on Giumalau, beech wood in Dragomirna, pinewood that vegetates on a peat deposit in Tinovul Mare, small birch reservation in Lucina), geological (Piatra Tibaului, Piatra Pinului and Piatra §oimului, Lucavei Quay, Moara Dracului Quay) and mixed (Pietrele Doamnei, Zugrenilor Quays, 12 Apostoli Complex). The rich and precious fauna includes numerous species with high hunting value: Carpathian bear and deer, buck, lynx, wolf, fox, squirrel, wild cat, marten, ermine, fitchew, blackcock, birchcock, pheasant, crow, various species of acquila, eagles and owls. The mountain rivers harbor rare species of fish: salmon, rainbow trout, grayling, barbel, chub, broad snout, etc.