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Civilization and culture

Suceava County represents an ancient and dense Romanian core of civilization and culture. The Suceava lands enlisted significantly in Romanians’ history through the decisive role the predecessors had at the beginning of the middle ages through the establishment and development of the first fairs and pre-state political organizations, in the organization and end of the fight against Tatar and Hungarian reign, but especially through the development and consolidation of the Romanian feudal state from the east of Carpathians.

The three capitals of Moldova raised here: Baia, Siret and Suceava, the citadels Scheia and Suceava, a long lasting and very rich collar of vaivode and boyar foundations and necropolis: Putna, Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita, Humor, Dragomirna, Arbore, art and culture monuments and centers with inestimable values of national and universal patrimony, comparable to the Italian or Western Europe renascent creations.

In Suceava County other nationalities live in perfect harmony with the majority of the Romanian population. They represent 3,4% of the total number of inhabitants, among wich are Ukrainians, Germans, Polish, Russians, Lipovans, Jews and other nationalities.