Museums & Memorial Houses


The Prominent people gallery of Falticeni

The Prominent people gallery of Falticeni is situated in the house where the great play writer Horia Lovinescu was born and spent his childhood. The permanent exhibit is a real monograph of the scientific, literary and […]

Mihai Bancescu Water Museum of Falticeni

Mihai Bancescu Water Museum of Falticeni represents a special achievement, including an impressive collection of the biologist and oceanographer Mihai Bancescu (1908-1999), made of aquatic flora and fauna: fish, corals, crustaceous gathered from three oceans, Black Sea and […]

Ion Irimescu Art Museum of Falticeni

Ion Irimescu Art Museum of Falticeni was opened in 1974, on Ion Irimescu’s initiative and donations (sculptor), functioning from the beginning as a department of the Town Museum. Afterwards, the value of the collection has increased, […]

The Ethnographic museum of Vatra Dornei

The Ethnographic Museum of Vatra Dornei is a place where culture and tradition of Vatra Dornei town, and Bukovina in general, are extremely well illustrated. The small allegoric village created inside the Vatra Dornei city hall is maybe […]