About Bucovina

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Gastronomy in Bucovina

Either you are a connoisseur or a beginner of gastronomy, your taste sense will be impressed by what is called the Bucovinean food. Bucovina kept intact, among traditions and customs, the culinary identity which, together with monasteries and […]

Historical references

Bukovina is situated in the northern Moldavia and together with Muntenia and Transylvania is one of the biggest historical provinces of Romania. Austrian Empire and Russia took advantage of the weakness the “High Gate” (the rulers […]

Partnerships and Euroregions

Suceava County has partnership protocols with Schwaben region in Germany, Abruzzo in Italia, Cernauti and Ivano Frankivsk in Ukraine, Mayenne and Nord Departments in France, with Drenthc province in Holland, with Silezia voivodeship in Poland, with Guizhou region in China and big steps […]

Geographical settlement

Occupying about 4% of the Romanian territory, with a surface of 8.553 km2, the Suceava  County is the second largest county in the country, after Timis, being situated in the northeast of the country. It borders in the north […]