River rafting

River rafting represents a field sport and pleasure activity, which involves the descent of a rapid river using an inflatable boat. Rivers Dorna and Bistrita are perfect for boating. The force of water currents is different, the water courses being suitable for the beginners and experienced tourists alike. Each course has a length of 12,5 and 14 km, with difficulty levels that vary from 1 to 4, depending on the season. It can be practiced from April until October.

The rafting lay-out on Bistrita River is one of the most exciting in the entire Europe. Bistrita offers strong sensations in Vatra Dornei area, where we can find cataracts, barriers and whirlpools that give strong emotions. Because in this area arrive also manz less experienced tourists, there are more gentle itineraries as well. Bistrita has a medium degree of danger of 3.5, the maximum being of 5. At 6, the lay-out is impracticable. If it rains a lot, rafting is possible even from the sources of Bistrita river. The traditional itinerary spreads over 12 km, but it is possible to spread over 80km as well.

Many tourists prefer a short but hard lay-out, of maximum 2 km, on which they make more laps.

There are taken laps of 1 or 2 days, 5 hours a day. Depending on the water depth, the start can be done from the centre of Vatra Dornei resort or Zugreni quays. Transportation is provided from Vatra Dornei to the launching place and back, together with a guide and protection equipment. The lay-out is covered 2 times, giving the possibility for the less courageous members, after weighing the difficulty level of the lay-out, to decide whether they want to be a part of the second descent. Each participant must have spare equipment (t-shirt and shorts).