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How to get to Bucovina

Air access: Stefan cel Mare airport in Suceava, situated at a distance of 12 km from Suceava municipality, ensures the direct or indirect access to Bucovina by the Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Bacau airports, etc. from almost all European big centres. For supplementary information enter the site of Stefan cel Mare airport of Suceava www.aeroportsuceava.ro, Romanian Air Transport Company (TAROM) www.tarom.ro. For any other questions, don`t hesitate to contact us: click here

The railroad access in Bucovina is ensured mainly by the 500 main road Bucharest – Suceava – Vicsani – Kiev – Varsovia – Moscow. Another access possibility is represented by the railroad that makes the connection between Moldavia and Transylvania on lasi-Suceava-Vatra Dornei-Cluj Napoca-Timisoara direction. For Trains Timetable informations, please visit http://www.mersultrenurilor.ro/.

The car access: In Bucovina you can easily arrive by car on the European road E85 that crosses Europe from North to South, making the connection between the Baltic Sea and the Aegean Sea, between Lithuania and Greece respectively, and which crosses Romania on Siret-Suceava-Bacau- Bucharest -Giurgiu direction. Another road access is on the European road E576, which makes the connection between Russia (Rostov) and Austria (Vienna), crossing Romania on Halmeu-Baia Mare-Bistrita-Suceava-Botosani-lasi-Sculeni (Republic of Moldova) direction.