The Festival of Medieval Art

The Festival of Medieval Art, which takes place each year in August at the Suceava Fortress, tries to bring in the actuality the life and the spectacles of the renascent and baroque troupes of itinerants in the middle age, but also the traditions of these times which remained in the popular consciousness. The festival takes place for 8 days and involves, besides representations, medieval music, plays, juggles, interactive contests, theatrical performances, battles, etc. and historical ceremonial, as: “the crowning of the Moldavian prince”, “traitorous boyars Judgment” or “the ceremony of closing a treaty between Moldavia and Poland”.

Moreover, a military camp is raised in the fortress, visitors being able to see the life of the medieval chevaliers, the weapons, costumes and the way different accessories used at the time were made. In the last three days of festival medieval carrousels, acrobatics and equestrian stunts, horse dressage shows take place in the defensive ditch of the fortress.