Spa tourism

Being a part of the tourism where the main motivation is the health preservation or recovery, the spa tourism is regularly practiced by a wide range of tourists.

Bucovina has a high natural potential for spa treatment of different diseases given the fund of available resources. The sparkling mineral waters, hypotonie, athennal, sodium bicarbonate waters, calcic and ferruginous waters in Vatra Dornei and Dornelor basin, plunger natural chokedamp with high purity and CO2 concentration, peat mud in Tinovul Mare, Poiana Stampei, characterized as oligotrophic peat low mineralized, well decomposed, with high content of organic colloids and clay acids, sulphurous mineral waters in Iacobeni area, tonic bio-climate, stimulating with sedating properties, with high concentration of negative air ions represent the raw material for thousands of procedures done in the treatment bases.

In Bucovina, Vatra Dornei is a well-known spa resort of the country, which has been included in the international circuit and recommended in the treatment of some cardiovascular, locomotive and respiratory apparatus, gynaccologic and nervous system diseases, etc. The two treatment bases found in the resort (Intus Hotel and Bradul Calimani Complex) have a daily capacity of over 4.500 therapeutic procedures: warm baths with mineral waters, mud and paraffin wraps, electrotherapy, massage, medical gymnastic, sauna, artificial chokedamps and kinetotherapy.

In this resort we can also find special sources for internal cure with mineral water.