Religious tourism

As part of cultural tourism, religious tourism must be treated as a distinct entity, as a result of the priority that it has among visitors of the Bucovina. This type of tourism that exists for centuries and which still keeps some traits regarding to the real pilgrimage, nowadays, the religious tourism is a complex phenomenon continously changing and diversifying, preserving the basic element that established it: the religion.

The existence of the eight monasteries and churches included in UNESCO patrimony’s list: Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet, Humor, Probota, Arbore, Patrauti, “Saint Gheorghe” Church of the “Saint loan cel Nou” Monastery in Suceava, as well as the rest of the cult halodoms, respectively Putna, Dragomirna, Slatina, Rasca, Bogdana, Balinesti, Baia, determines the manifestation of religious tourism under two aspects: visits to saint halidoms and religious pilgrimages on the occasion of some cult holidays, titular saint’s day of monasteries and churches.