The county relief is characterized by a great variety of geographical forms: mountains, intermountain depressions, hills, plateaus, plains, terraced valleys and meadows. Depending on the area occupied by each landform, the situation at the county’s level is as it follows:

  • 53% mountain area;
  • 30% plateau area;
  • 17% meadow area.

On the whole, there are two important relief unities on the territory of Suceava county: the mountain region and the plateau region. These regions are progressively descending from the west to the east, in parallel stripes, with north to south arrangement.

The mountain area, as part of the Oriental Carpathians chain, covers massive and complex crests separated by deep valleys or depression areas, such as: Suhard and Calimani Massifs; Giumalau-Rarau Massifs; Bistritei Mountains, Stanisoarei Mountains; Feredeu and Mestecanis Ridges.

The relief of Calimani Mountains (the highest volcanic mountains on the Romanian territory, Pietrosul Calimani Crest being the only one that exceeds 2000m in altitude) offer the most spectacular and attractive forms: Caliman volcanic crater, with a diameter of about 10 km, the strange forms of volcanic rocks on the Reţiţis, Tămău, Lucaciu si Pietrosul, the “12 Apostoli” rocks with ruin aspect and the Juniper Reservation with Pinus Cembra, where we can find a natural brush in close admixture of pine and Swiss pine (pinus cembra) unique in the country, and very rare in Europe.

The relief of the Rarau Massif offers one of the most interesting geological forms in the Oriental Carpathians chain -,,Pietrele Doamnei”, as well as the quays on the Valea Caselor and Izvorul Alb and Pestera Liliecilor. Another element of tourist attraction is Moara Dracului quays, a sector of very narrow quays (between 2-3 meters width, and about 40m length), situated on the Caselor brook.

Giumalau Mountains represent the main attraction for the nature admirers. Their plateaus offer one of the greatest views in the Oriental Carpathians. The secular forest Giumalau, with massive species of coniferous trees, and Zugreni quays, caved at the southern feet of the mountains, are the main attractions of Giumalau Mountains.

Suhard Mountains are known especially due to the Ouşoru peak (1.639m) that surrounds Dornelor Plateau. However, the highest crest is situated in the north-west side of SuhardMountains respectively Omu peak, at 1.932 meters altitude. The main ridge of these mountains represents the main attraction, thanks to the landscapes’ beauty and the easiness it can be crossed.

Bistriţei Mountains, which spread on the right side of Bistriţa river, form the most extended grouping of crystalline mountains. Pietrosu crest (with an altitude of 1.791m) offers a fascinating view for those who dare to climb the heavy slanted slope.